Cookies Policy

Welcome to In-Form’s Cookie Policy. 

This Cookie Policy will inform you about what cookies are, what information our cookies will receive, who is using this information and how this information will be used. 

We hope that this Cookies Policy will be clear and the language direct in order for you to understand the information that we collect and what we use it for. For more information on the data we might use, please view our Privacy Policy, which also has our contact details for any further questions you might have. 

A. Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your computer (or other electronic device) when your browser requests access our website. We use cookies and other online tracking devices on this website to:

  • carry out research and statistical analysis to help improve our content and services and to help us better understand your requirements and interests; and 
  • make your online experience more efficient and enjoyable.

The information we obtain from our use of cookies will not usually contain your personal data. Although we may obtain information about your computer or other electronic device such as your IP address, your browser and/or other internet log information, this will not usually identify you personally. In certain circumstances we may collect personal information about you - but only where you voluntarily provide it (eg. by completing an online form) or where you use our legal services. More information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy

We require your clear, freely given, specific and informed consent to use cookies on this website and we will ask for your consent when you first visit our website. The only exception to this is where the cookie is essential, meaning that it is required to ensure that the website functions properly. 

B. Consent

We will always ask for your permission to place cookies or other similar technologies on your device, except where they are essential for us to provide you with a service that you have requested.

You can withdraw your consent to the use of any of our cookies or manage any other cookie preferences by clicking on the C icon at the bottom-right of any page on our website and by setting the sliders accordingly. You can then choose to enable/disable Google analytics and Squarespace analytics, which help us to improve your experience by providing insights into how the website is being used. Necessary cookies cannot be disabled, as they enable core functionality such as page navigation.  

For more information on Google or Squarespace analytics, please see part ‘D’ below.      

For more information on turning off cookies generally, please see part ‘E’ below.            

C. Third-Party Cookies

We work with third-party suppliers who may also set cookies on our website, for example Adobe Flash Player (which we might use from time to time to display video content).

Sometimes, other third-party platforms such as Facebook and Twitter place cookies on our website without our consent (for example when you are logged in as a user of those third-party platforms which "follow" your internet movements). We do not authorise third-party cookies placed without our consent and are not responsible for unauthorised third-party cookies.  Indeed, all third-party cookies suppliers are solely responsible for the cookies they set on our website. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and encourage you to check the cookie policy of all the websites that you visit. 

If you want further information, please visit the website for the relevant third-party.

D. Cookies we use

You will find additional information below about specific authorised cookies we use:

   1) Google Analytics

Google Inc

Purpose of the Cookie- This is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc which uses cookies to show us how visitors found and explored our website, and how we can enhance their experience. It provides us with information about the behaviour of our visitors (eg. how long they stayed on the website, the average number of pages viewed) and also tells us how many visitors we have had.

Duration of the Cookie- 12 months.

     2) HubSpot Analytics Cookies

Owner-  HubSpot

Purpose of the Cookie- This is an analytics cookie which determines unique visitors. This provides us with information which allows us to collate accurate website traffic data.

Duration of the Cookie- 12 months.

E. How to turn off Cookies

You are also able to turn off all cookies for all websites you visit when navigating the internet, by adjusting your browser settings. If you do this, please be aware that you may lose some of the functionality of this website and others that you visit.

For further information about cookies and how to disable them, you can visit the following external webpages:

For France: Please go to the CNIL webpage on cookies: